Current Australian Forecasts for your Calendar

Current Australian Forecasts for your Calendar

Below are 'calendar' links that you can add to your favourite calendaring software (Outlook, iCal, Sunbird, Google Calendar etc) so that you can have the latest, and best Australian forecast available for your region immediately available in your calendar program.

By using the 'subscribe to calendar' functionality within your program you can add the url below that is most relevant to your location. Then, by turning on automatic refreshing of this calendar, have regularly updated forecasts automatically appearing in your calendar alongside your other events, giving you a quick reference to the upcoming weather conditions when planning out your days ahead.

Forecasts range from seven to one day out depending upon the location.

Right click on the location of interest to you below, and select 'Copy Shortcut'/'Copy Link Location'. Then paste this location into the 'subscribe to calendar' area of your program.

These forecasts are typically updated a few times per day, please don't refresh these calendars more than hourly. You can add more than one if you like, but due to the brevity of the primarily displayed text it is recommended to use distinct colours to represent different locations.

If you have any comments, or suggestions, please send us an email.

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