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  • Radar Images are © Australian Bureau of Meteorology
  • Data is currently available as far back as 1st of January 2008. Older data is in the process of being added.
  • You can click and drag in the 'Intensity Series' to easily select a particular time
  • Clicking on the radar image starts and stops the animation
  • When hovering over the radar image, you can use the mousewheel to scroll quickly back and forth through the images
  • All times are in UTC except where noted.
  • UTC is Australian Eastern Summer Time (EST) -11 hours (Daylight Savings).
  • UTC is Australian Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) -10 hours.
  • A maximum of 292 frames are shown for a given period.
  • A maximum period can be selected of 14 days.
  • Intensity values represented in the time series and histogram for the current frame are intended to be indicative of activity only. Adjustments have been made to give the best indication of more active sequences and frames.
  • Not all images for all locations are available. This may be due to the radar being used for windfinding, radar problems, or problems with data transfer
  • Images are updated between 5 and 10 minutes, if you are viewing the latest images, you can reload the page to see the most recent images.
  • Please contact us with any queries, comments, or suggestions!
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