RC Sample - Rainfall Estimation
  • This page provides data around rainfall estimation around a particular point of interest, as well as over an area via a NetCDF data download. Find out more here.
  • Maps
    • The map on the left shows the original radar imagery used, along with the point of interest (black) and some of the observation locations nearby. The imagery has an interval of 5 minutes
    • The map on the right shows the estimated rainfall based upon the interpolated and accumulated radar data, as well as ground truth rainfall observations from AWS and rain gauges in the area of the radar
    • The numbers in the markers on the map represent the total mm of rainfall that was recorded (or estimated) at that location in the time period analysed
    • Panning/Zooming/Rotating/Tilting one map will move the other one in unison
    • Controls are below the maps that allow you to scrub to a particular point as well as adjust the animation speed
    • There is a play/stop button in the controls, but also a single click on either map will start/stop the animation
  • Graphs
    • The top graph shows the estimated rainfall at the point of interest (black marker on the maps) as well as the 30 minute accumulated interval rainfall data for nearby locations to allow simple comparison between the two timeseries
    • The second graph shows the original, non-accumulated rainfall data from the closest AWS and Rain Gauges. These are shown at 10 or 15 minute intervals
    • You can click on the items in the key beside the graph to hide/show different time series to be able to better see the estimated graph with the closest, or closer only locations
    • The locations listed in the key for the graphs is ordered by distance from the point of interest
  • Table
    • The summary table gives metadata about each of the locations
    • You can click on the name on the left to go to the most recent data from that particular location
    • The download link on the right allows you to download the rainfall information for further external use.
-37.124, 145.112
Date Range Local
6:00am, 07 Jan 2024 to 9:00am, 08 Jan 2024 AEDT
Date Range UTC
2024-01-06 19:00 to 2024-01-08 09:00 UTC
30 minutes
Source Reflectivity
Adjusted Rainfall
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