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The Weather Chaser provides a number of resources inculding radar and satellite imagery, observations, and forecasts.

We also have extensive archives with radar imagery available back as far as 2005, and satellite imagery for the last year.

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Current Australian extremes : Coldest - Hottest - Windiest

Satellite imagery

Loops of the most recent satellite imagery in 10 minute intervals from the last 24 hours for the Australasia region, and the whole hemisphere. (All satellite imagery)

Coldest Australian Locations

Coldest locations from around Australia observed within the last hour

3.3°C : Kunanyi, 1260m, TAS (9 minutes ago)
4.3°C : Thredbo, 1957m, NSW (9 minutes ago)
4.9°C : Mount Buller, 1707m, VIC (9 minutes ago)
5.1°C : Kernot, -1m, VIC (19 minutes ago)
5.2°C : Falls Creek, 1765m, VIC (9 minutes ago)
5.8°C : Hartz Mountain, 831m, TAS (9 minutes ago)
5.9°C : Mount Ginini, 1760m, NSW (9 minutes ago)
6.0°C : Mount Baw Baw, 1561m, VIC (9 minutes ago)
6.1°C : Perisher Valley, 1738m, NSW (9 minutes ago)
6.3°C : Liawenee, 1057m, TAS (9 minutes ago)

Hottest Australian Locations

Hottest locations from around Australia observed within the last hour

31.8°C : Walungurru, 454m, NT (9 minutes ago)
31.7°C : Mount Isa, 340m, QLD (9 minutes ago)
30.9°C : Tennant Creek, 375m, NT (9 minutes ago)
30.9°C : Carters Bore, 396m, QLD (9 minutes ago)
30.7°C : Cloncurry, 186m, QLD (9 minutes ago)
30.7°C : Windorah, 132m, QLD (10 minutes ago)
30.7°C : The Monument, 288m, QLD (9 minutes ago)
30.4°C : Mornington Island, 9m, QLD (9 minutes ago)
30.3°C : Centre Island, 12m, NT (9 minutes ago)
30.2°C : Karijini North, 474m, WA (19 minutes ago)

Windiest Australian Locations

The windiest locations from around Australia observed within the last hour

76km/h S : Larapuna, 19m, TAS (9 minutes ago)
61km/h S : Kunanyi, 1260m, TAS (9 minutes ago)
59km/h S : South Channel Island, 9m, VIC (9 minutes ago)
57km/h S : Cape Grim, 86m, TAS (9 minutes ago)
52km/h S : Cape Sorell, 19m, TAS (9 minutes ago)
50km/h SW : Grampians, 1150m, VIC (9 minutes ago)
48km/h S : Fawkner Beacon, 17m, VIC (9 minutes ago)
46km/h SE : Maria Island, 28m, TAS (9 minutes ago)
46km/h S : Cape Otway, 82m, VIC (9 minutes ago)
46km/h W : Thredbo, 1957m, NSW (9 minutes ago)

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