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Coldest locations from around Australia observed within the last hour

-0.3°C : Mt Hotham, 1849m, VIC (24 minutes ago)
-0.3°C : Mt Baw Baw, 1561m, VIC (24 minutes ago)
0.8°C : Mount Buller, 1707m, VIC (24 minutes ago)
1.2°C : Mount Wellington, 1261m, TAS (14 minutes ago)
1.3°C : Thredbo, 1957m, NSW (14 minutes ago)
1.5°C : Mount Read, 1119m, TAS (24 minutes ago)
3.0°C : Mount Ginini, 1760m, NSW (14 minutes ago)
3.0°C : Falls Creek, 1767m, VIC (24 minutes ago)
3.7°C : Grampians, 1150m, VIC (24 minutes ago)
4.2°C : Perisher Valley, 1738m, NSW (14 minutes ago)


Hottest locations from around Australia observed within the last hour

35.0°C : Yampi Sound, 41m, WA (24 minutes ago)
34.4°C : Fitzroy Crossing, 114m, WA (24 minutes ago)
33.7°C : Bradshaw - Angallari Valley, 60m, NT (14 minutes ago)
33.6°C : Noonamah, 17m, NT (14 minutes ago)
33.5°C : Jabiru, 26m, NT (14 minutes ago)
33.4°C : Douglas River, 42m, NT (14 minutes ago)
33.3°C : Oenpelli, 7m, NT (14 minutes ago)
33.2°C : Curtin, 77m, WA (24 minutes ago)
33.1°C : Telfer, 291m, WA (24 minutes ago)
33.0°C : Ngukurr, 14m, NT (14 minutes ago)

Windiest Locations

57km/h NW : Maatsuyker Island, 146m, TAS (24 minutes ago)
57km/h W : Hartz Mountain, 830m, TAS (24 minutes ago)
50km/h SW : Mount Wellington, 1261m, TAS (14 minutes ago)
46km/h SW : Gabo Island, 15m, VIC (24 minutes ago)
46km/h W : Cape Bruny, 59m, TAS (14 minutes ago)
43km/h S : Wattamolla, 44m, NSW (14 minutes ago)
39km/h W : Low Head, 3m, TAS (24 minutes ago)
39km/h W : Low Rocky Point, 34m, TAS (24 minutes ago)
37km/h NW : Scotts Peak Dam, 408m, TAS (24 minutes ago)
37km/h SE : Bougainville Reef, 0m, QLD (24 minutes ago)

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